Accredited Persons Responsibility for Special Conditions | ACMA

Accredited Persons Responsibility for Special Conditions

The ACMA makes spectrum available subject to certain conditions related to replanning, no interference/no protection, etc. An accredited person who assigns a particular piece of spectrum to a client is assigning it subject to the conditions specified in the ACMA documentation and such additional conditions as the accredited person believes are necessary to prevent interference to other services. The specification of all these conditions on an FAC is one of the tasks accredited persons must undertake.

The ACMA's policy is that an accredited person should specify on the FAC all the conditions the assignment will be subject to, including those conditions required by ACMA documentation. Failure to specify conditions required by the ACMA on an FAC will be taken into account when assessing the performance of an accredited person.

A listing of all the pre-defined conditions can be found in the SPECTRA dataset that is available on the ACMA website here.

Should none of these be satisfactory for a particular situation, an accredited person may recommend a suitable form of words for a unique condition. The conditions that must be applied to particular types of assignment are contained in RALIs relating to those assignments (eg RALI FX 3).

Last updated: 26 October 2017