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Leigh Sales ACMA Twitter Reminder

New ABC TV 730 host Leigh Sales has offered timely advice on the use of social media. On Twitter Saturday she wrote: "A reminder of what's legal and illegal on twitter - harassment & defamatory comments can get you criminally charged" and referenced a guide from the ACMA titled " Online social networking: Could what you're doing online be illegal?"

The tweet was the subject of a longer article by Media editor Geoff Elliott in the Media section of The Australian today. According to Elliott: "… the ACMA warnings are worth reading and journalist-academics should be setting exams on the content, if they haven't started already."

"As ACMA notes under a heading "risky behaviour", if you set up a "social networking page specifically designed to encourage negative comments, you could end up being accused of defamation"."

This article follows  reports The Australian's Editor in Chief, Chris Mitchell, is threatening to sue University of Canberra journalism academic, Julie Posetti, over several tweets she posted quoting allegedly defamatory comments she said were made at a conference by reporter Asa Wahlquist, who used to work for The Australian. This has set off a robust conversation about this issue on Twitter at #twitdef .

Last updated: 17 December 2012