Live captioning: Opening address | ACMA

Live captioning: Opening address

Speech By Chris Chapman, ACMA Chair, to Live captioning - let's talk

15 September 

Thanks Jonquil, and thank you to everyone here this morning for making the time to attend this important Citizen Conversation Series on live captioning. Our speakers have travelled from both across the country, and indeed from across the world, to present to us today. So, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to them; actually, to all participating in this Citizen Conversation.

The ACMA has been very active in progressing the captioning of television programs in Australia. Along with many of you present today, we’ve worked to improve not only the amount of captioning available to viewers, but the quality of the captioning provided – indeed, the utility of that captioning… a focus on the outcome. However, our mandate is ongoing and so we now continue our efforts by focusing on where further improvement might be nurtured.

Today, we’re looking to take your contributions and use them to further shape captioning’s future.

For the ACMA, the concept of the Citizen Conversation is simple – it is for citizens and consumers, industry representatives and industry groups, government representatives, academics, researchers and consumer advocacy groups to get together, in hopefully a non- adversarial way, to share information and perspectives about an aspect of regulation…in an increasingly converged media landscape.

So Citizen Conversation events (like the one being held today) are an important part of the ACMA’s role in bringing together many voices to explore scenarios and help develop solutions that meets the needs of a number of the stakeholders I have touched on. In other words, in this context, making media work (really work) for all Australians. In particular, the ACMA is dedicated to increasing citizen engagement with government and industry and, in the process, to achieve better outcomes.

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Last updated: 22 April 2018