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CommsDay Summit 2015

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Speech by Chris Chapman, ACMA Chair
CommsDay Summit
Sydney, 21 April 2015

As many of you know, I am now in my 10th, and last, year as Chairman and CEO of the ACMA. In such circumstances, it is hopefully understandable if I reflect more than usual on what has happened on my watch. So I thought it might be interesting to share some musings about whether the ACMA construct has thus far met the strategic objectives that it was intended to meet. 

This is not only because of my personal circumstances. More substantively, with the latest NBN agreement now in place and some initial rounds of red tape reduction done, an obvious next question for continuing reform is—what is an appropriate governance and regulatory model to meet Australia’s communications challenges over the next decade? I suspect many of us have been thinking to various degrees about that, which is healthy. We at the ACMA certainly have. 

So how can we build up a picture of how the ACMA has gone?

To recount the entire contents of our range of activities and what we have done or delivered would literally fill a book. In any event, we have annual reports for that! However, I will spend some time on this, using contemporary examples across our various areas of operations; looking at regulatory actions with outcomes in the real world. From that practical review, I can then turn to a more general review of the ACMA against the strategic objectives that were initially set for it, by reference to the second reading speech for the 2004 Bill that created the agency, together with, secondly and importantly, a consideration of whether those objectives remain relevant.

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Speech by ACMA Chair Chris Chapman to CommsDay Summit, 21 April 2015

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