Single compliance mark scheme begins | ACMA

Single compliance mark scheme begins

MR 11/2013 - 1 March 2013

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has today introduced a single regulatory compliance mark (RCM) to illustrate a device's compliance with all applicable ACMA standards—telecommunications, radiocommunications, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic energy (EME). 

The single compliance mark is part of the ACMA’s broader strategic program to ensure that regulation evolves with the changing ICT environment. Because devices are increasingly subject to multiple technical regulatory requirements, the historical sector-based (A-tick and C-tick) labelling requirements are not sustainable. 

The new arrangements will lessen the administrative burden on suppliers of products by reducing the complexity of the compliance marking arrangements, while simpler marking arrangements should increase compliance and improve regulatory outcomes. 

The transition to the single mark follows two rounds of public consultation and extensive industry dialogue. The ACMA has also worked closely with state and territory electrical safety regulators to align the new ACMA arrangements with the Electrical Equipment Safety System being introduced in most state and territory jurisdictions. 

Under the new arrangements, all suppliers using the RCM will be required to register on a new online database by 1 March 2016. Members of the public, retailers and other suppliers will be able to search the database. 

The new arrangements include a three-year transition period for current suppliers. Devices that have been labelled before the end of the transition period do not need to be re-labelled. 

Further information on the requirements that must be met by a supplier using the RCM is available on the ACMA website. 

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Last updated: 15 April 2016