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Changes to radio services in Adelong, Boonah and Broken Hill

MR 15/2013 - 14 March 2013

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has, approved changes to the operation of the radio services 2TVR in Adelong, NSW, 2HIL, 2PNN and Cross FM in Broken Hill, NSW and 4RIM in Boonah, Qld. 

At Adelong, the ACMA has extended 2TVR’s licence area (Tumut RA1) to include the community of Adelong and made available the FM frequency 94.1 MHz for 2TVR to provide its community radio service there. 

At Broken Hill, the ACMA has confirmed the current operation of the national radio service 2PNN (NewsRadio) on 104.5 MHz, the open narrowcasting service ‘Cross FM’ on 94.9 MHz. It has also approved a change of frequency, increase in transmitter power and a change of site for the commercial radio service 2HIL. 2HIL will now operate on FM frequency 96.5 MHz from Broadcast Site 3 km NW of Broken Hill with a maximum effective radiated power of 4 kilowatts. 

At Boonah, the ACMA has regularised the operation of the Boonah community radio service 4RIM so that it is now authorised to operate from Footes Hill, Boonah. Because of this change the boundaries of 4RIM’s licence area (Boonah RA1) have been modified to reflect the coverage achieved from Footes Hill. 

Adelong is contained in the licence area plan (LAP) for Wagga Wagga Radio, with Boonah and Broken Hill in the Ipswich Radio and Broken Hill Radio LAPs, respectively. 

Updated licence area maps for the amended Boonah RA1 and Tumut RA1 are available. 

These changes, including licence area descriptions updated to 2006 census data, are contained in the Variation to Licence Area Plan - Broken Hill Radio - No. 1 of 2013, Variation to Licence Area Plan - Ipswich Radio - No. 1 of 2013 and Variation to Licence Area Plan - Wagga Wagga Radio - No. 1 of 2013

These documents are available on the ACMA’s website or by calling 1300 850 115. 

More information on the ACMA’s broadcast planning process and LAPs can be found at the ACMA website. 

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Last updated: 08 November 2017