ACMA Hotline and WA Police sign new pact to fight online child sexual abuse | ACMA

ACMA Hotline and WA Police sign new pact to fight online child sexual abuse

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority and Western Australian Police today signed a new agreement to strengthen the lines of communication between them, further reinforcing their commitment to eliminating the exploitation of children online.

The agreement provides for targeted ACMA reporting to support WA Police where evidence shows that child sexual abuse material is hosted or produced in, or has been accessed from, Western Australia.

‘We are making it harder than ever for Australians to access and traffic in child sexual abuse material,’ said Richard Bean, the ACMA’s Cyber Safety spokesman. ‘We are proud to build on our relationship with WA Police. Every new agreement with Australian police forces leaves offenders with fewer places to hide.’

‘The MOU between WA Police and the ACMA was initially established in 2000 to underpin the joint efforts of both parties and identify and effectively deal with unlawful/offensive online material in a timely and ethical manner,’ said Detective Superintendent Glenn Feeney, head of the WA Police Sex Crime Division. ‘This strategic partnership has worked extremely well and demonstrates the commitment by both agencies in combating the shocking crime of online child exploitation.’

The ACMA’s memorandum of understanding with WA Police is the fourth to be finalised with Australian police forces since January last year. The latest agreement follows those with the NSW Police Force, Tasmania Police and the Australian Federal Police.

These alliances form the spine of a ‘fast track’ mechanism, empowering the ACMA to rapidly pass information about online child sexual abuse material to law enforcement partners in Australia as well as overseas.

The ACMA has also teamed up with Crime Stoppers Australia to make it easier than ever for Australian residents to complain about illegal online content using the national Crime Stoppers Australia web portal. Visiting either the ACMA or Crime Stoppers Australia websites means complaints are directed to the agency best equipped to take action.

Reports about offensive or illegal online content should be made to the ACMA Hotline.

If you are aware that a child or other person is in immediate danger, or is at risk of serious harm, call the police on Triple Zero (000).

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: Emma Rossi, Media Manager, (02) 9334 7719 and 0434 652 063 or

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Last updated: 19 September 2016