Media statement by Chris Chapman on the Convergence Review | ACMA

Media statement by Chris Chapman on the Convergence Review

ACMA Media Release 29- 30 April 2012

Today's release of the Convergence Review's final report is an important further step on the road to reforming Australia's communications and media regulation, according to the communications and media regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The report again underlines the need to address the current problems and emerging issues caused by relentless media and telecommunications convergence.

Navigating the new media and communications spaces will not be discretionary - the globally networked, all-IP world is pressing upon every current media and communications' player.

The ACMA has been living and working with the impact of convergence since its inception in 2005. For the last seven years it has been increasingly dealing on a daily basis with convergence issues such as telephone numbering and communications addressability, cybersafety, online security and a myriad of content-related matters.

Relentless digitalisation has rendered many of the assumptions, which underpin the current regime, ineffective. The ACMA has itself identified these "broken concepts," as well as articulating what it believes are the "enduring concepts" to underpin future regulatory oversight of the citizen, consumer and public interest in the media and communications sector.

The ACMA is an independent player with deep experience of the current shape of the industry and insight into the disruptive changes which continue at an accelerated rate.

The inevitable community and industry debate around these important issues is now vital.

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