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ACMA response to TIO annual report

‘It’s very encouraging to see an 18 per cent drop to a five year low in Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s complaints today,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman. ‘I think that, in part, this reflects industry commitment to implement the recommendations from the ACMA’s public inquiry into customer care over 2010-11.

‘As the Ombudsman notes, the decrease in complaints has also been delivered against the backdrop of a big increase in consumer awareness of the TIO (up by 58 per cent since 2008).

‘Recent announcements by the CEOs of the major telcos underscore our view that the behavioural norms in the industry are changing for the better.

‘However the ACMA’s Reconnecting The Customer program is not yet over. Our next initiative is to examine mobile network performance information for consumers to see if we can reduce even further TIO complaints about these issues. The ACMA is holding a free public forum on 14 November on this topic.’

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23 October 2013

Last updated: 20 April 2018