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Citizen band radio users no longer required to upgrade equipment

Citizen band (CB) radio users will no longer have to replace their older-style 40 channel equipment following a review by the regulator of a prohibition that was to have taken effect from 1 July this year.

Following extensive national consultation, the Australian Communications and Media Authority has decided to allow continued use of 40 channel equipment alongside the newer 80 channel equipment.

In 2011 a number of changes were made to regulatory arrangements for the Citizen Band Radio Service, to reduce and prevent congestion and interference in the 400MHz band.

The ACMA has also identified the potential for interlinking of CB repeaters to provide significant benefit to CB users, particularly in regional and remote areas. The ACMA has come to the view that these benefits outweigh potential interference from interlinking repeaters in some circumstances and that there are sufficient alternative regulatory mechanisms to deal with potential interference problems when they arise.

‘Following monitoring, surveying and consultation, the ACMA has removed the time limit on the use of 40 channel 25 kHz equipment and removed the limit on the use of CB repeaters for interlinking,’ said acting ACMA chairman Richard Bean. ‘The prohibition on the supply and sale of new 40 channel equipment will stay in effect, with continuing CB user uptake of the 80 channel equipment expected to further reduce congestion into the future.’

‘Congestion in the band is at a low point and manageable through ACMA’s routine monitoring and enforcement measures,’ Richard Bean added.

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Media release 16/2017 - 13 April

Last updated: 13 April 2017