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Developments in home networks


Home networks are becoming more complex and dynamic as emerging technologies enable multiple services to be delivered to multiple users and devices in the home, according to a new report by the ACMA.

Developments in home networks looks at trends in technology and product developments over the past year for homeowners, service providers and those delivering communications and media services to the home.

Home networks are evolving from simple dedicated services delivered by a single provider to a more complex shared network that can be integrated and customised to deliver a range of services from multiple providers.

Emerging IP-based services such as health monitoring, security, home automation, entertainment and social networking accessible via home networks will reshape the user experience. For example, a home network could be configured to have all devices store digital media content to a centralised server that could be conveniently accessed by any device within the home, or remotely via the internet.

The home network of the future will require more configuration and ongoing support and will also require more coordination between the consumer and service providers.

The customer is increasingly responsible for the home network infrastructure with more emphasis on the service provider to cater for the end-to-end service requirements including some home network equipment. This is an area where information and skills may be needed to allow consumers to achieve a reliable and secure home networking experience.

The report provides an interesting snapshot of the converging services, with the top two home networking problems being wireless connection and printer sharing.

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February 2011

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