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TV sets in Australian households


Australians' TV viewing experience at home continues to improve as the uptake of digital TVs grows, according to new ACMA research. TV sets continue to be an essential and ubiquitous piece of technology in the Australian home, with the report estimating that 99 per cent of Australian households have at least one working TV set.

SOURCE: ACMA, Television sets in Australian households 2011-current stock and consumer expectations about replacing television sets, March 2012, Watch this space: Televisions are being replaced after an average of 8.3 years. In mid-2011, 40% of all sets were estimated to be less than four years old. Let's get digital: By mid-2011, over 80% of main TV sets in Australian households had been converted to digital. HD is A-OK: In households that have converted to digital, 93% of main TVs with an integrated digital tuner and 74% of set-top boxes used with the main set were high definition. Tuning in: In the year to June 2011, 29% per cent of households bought a new TV. 97% of these were digital, and it was the first digital set for 57% of households. The price is right: The average price paid for a new TV bought in the year to June 2011 was $1,131. Get a look in: Annual sales of flat-screen TVs more than doubled between 2007 and 2010-from 1.3 to 3 million-meaning there were 18.7 million working TVs in Australian households in mid-2011, an average of 2.2 per home. Bigger is better: Australians are enjoying a better viewing experience. The two main reasons Australians bought a new TV set in the last year were to get a flat or bigger screen (69%) and for a better quality picture (66%). The small screen hits the big time-the facts on TV sets in Australia. Australians are embracing the digital TV experience, replacing sets more frequently as they become cheaper and better to watch.

In total, there are about 18.7 million working television sets in private dwellings in Australia—an average of 2.2 per household. By mid-2011, over 80 per cent of main TV sets in Australian households had been converted to digital.

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