Online video: Aussies hit play | ACMA

Online video: Aussies hit play

Watching TV online has become mainstream, with 5.2 million Australians looking at professionally produced video online in the last six months, according to a new ACMA research report. A new infographic has been produced highlighting the key facts from this report:

SOURCE: ACMA, Communications report 2011-12 series, Report 1-Online video content services in Australia, October 2012, Fast forward-what's next for online video: Nationwide connection speeds will rapidly increase, with NBN promising broadband that will be up to 40 times faster Think outside the box-why we watch: To access content at a more suitable time: 68%, Because it's free: 47%, But almost half of adult users are willing to pay for online video services: 49% Stay in the picture-how we watch: Users watch content on a variety of platforms, on laptops: 67%, on desktop computers: 49%, on TVs 29%, on tablets: 26%, on mobiles or smartphones: 20% Watch this space-what we view: The most popular content watched by users: full-length TV programs: 61%, full-length movies: 35%, full-length sport programs: 13% Get with the program-online video is here: 75% of adult Australians know about online video services, with 43% of adult internet users accessing them in the past six months. We learn about these services largely from: 56% television ads, 51% word-of-mouth, 30% online ads, 27% online articles Online video-Aussies hit 'play': Consumption of professionally produced online video has skyrocketed. More Australians are watching and are increasingly willing to pay for it.


Last updated: 18 March 2016