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NBN consumer experience: residential research snapshot

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In August 2017, the ACMA announced a work program focused on the experience of Australian consumers and businesses before, during and after migration to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The first part of the work program was to collect information to provide a comprehensive understanding of the type, incidence and causes of problems experienced by consumers and businesses. This included commissioning research to collect information from residential households and small to medium-sized businesses about their experiences before, during and after migrating to the NBN.

The snapshot contains early research insights from residential households.

This research is not directly comparable with previous research conducted by the ACMA in 2016, which focused on the experience of residential and business fibre to the premises (FTTP) connections. This is due to the need to change the design to best capture the current stage of the rollout and current experiences of consumers.  The 2016 research remains relevant as a marker for the experience of those with FTTP connections in the early stages of the rollout.

A full report including findings from the residential and small to medium-sized business surveys was released in August 2018.

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March 2018

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NBN consumer experience—residential research snapshot

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Last updated: 11 April 2019