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Australia in the Digital Economy series

The internet has become increasingly prevalent in Australian homes and businesses and its effect has been far-reaching; transforming economic and social interactions, traditional services such as voice telephony, the distribution of content as well as underpinning the development of the digital economy.

As the statutory authority responsible for broadcasting and communications regulation in Australia, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has responsibility to conduct research into issues relating to internet content and internet carriage services and conduct community education (section 94 Schedule 5 Broadcasting Services Act 1992) as well as report on matters affecting consumers or proposed consumers of carriage services (section 8 (d) ACMA Act 2005).

The ACMA has an ongoing program of research, information collection and analysis in relation to the availability and take up of communication services in Australia. The work program has been designed to assist the ACMA in its role as the industry regulator, and is consistent with its responsibilities to report on and make available information about developments in the communications industry.

The Australia in the Digital Economy Series builds an evidence base to inform regulatory development and advice to key stakeholders regarding the developing digital economy.

This report series aims to contribute to a greater understanding of the digital economy and will cover issues such as: attitudes and behaviours to online security and privacy; digital confidence and skills; take-up and use of the internet; and factors which influence people's decisions to participate or not participate online.





Report 2 - Online Participation

May 2009 752 kb 488 kb

Report 1 - Trust and Confidence

March 2009

528 kb 348 kb


Last updated: 07 March 2019