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Consumer behaviour & location services


Location services are any service or application used on a communications device that identifies or makes use of that device's geographic position. At their heart, location services do two things:

  • locate a device (the target) and record the time of the location determination
  • return some information or initiate an activity whose nature and/or content depend at least in part on the location or series of location information.

Here, there and everywhere—consumer behaviour and location services explores what location services are and how they work. It draws on recent ACMA-commissioned community research to identify consumers' understanding and expectations of location applications. It also reviews regulatory approaches taken by other communications regulators to identify how location services and applications are treated within traditional and converged regulatory frameworks.

Release date

December 2012

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Here, there and everywhere—consumer behaviour and location services

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Location services, personal information and identity (Exploratory community research)

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