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Contemporary community safeguards inquiry: research


The ACMA established the Contemporary community safeguards inquiry to explore and establish the core principles that should guide the content of contemporary broadcasting codes of practice, noting that the converging media environment and technological changes have caused shifts in the way Australians use broadcasting services.

At the outset, the ACMA expected the inquiry might culminate in specific guidelines for future codes of practice reviews. However, the ACMA has decided to defer further work on the inquiry and instead publish the Consolidated report. This summarises the information gathered by the inquiry and provides a high-level overview of the relevant issues and emerging directions. The report can usefully inform broader discussions about broadcasting regulation in Australia and upcoming code reviews.

As part of the evidence-base to inform the inquiry, the ACMA also commissioned and conducted:

  • community research exploring the broadcasting experiences and expectations of contemporary citizen
  • economic research about the market for content in Australia and the identified costs of current code requirements by industry members.

Release date

March 2014


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Contemporary community safeguards inquiry—Consolidated report 512 KB 1.7 MB
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The cost of code interventions on commercial broadcasters Intro: 97 KB
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The cost of code interventions on subscription television broadcasters 173 KB 980 KB
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Last updated: 05 March 2019