Communications report 2009-10 series | ACMA

Communications report 2009-10 series

The following reports are a series of four research reports to be published as part of the ACMA's communications report series:

  • Report 1-Australia in the digital economy: The shift to the online environment (Word [1.3 mb] or PDF [409 kb])
  • Report 2-Take-up and use of voice services by Australian consumers ( Word [1.2 mb] or PDF [582 kb])
  • Report 3-Australian consumer satisfaction with communication services (Word [865 kb] or PDF [384 kb])
  • Report 4-Changing business models in the Australian communication and media sectors: Challenges and response strategies ( Word [425 kb] or PDF [393 kb]).

This suite of reports is designed to complement the ACMA Communications report 2009-10 which is produced in fulfilment of reporting obligations under Section 105 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 (the Act). The Act requires the ACMA to report on the performance of carriers and carriage service providers with particular reference to consumer benefits, consumer satisfaction and quality of service.

These four reports also form part of the ACMA's ongoing research and reporting program (Research at the ACMA: research program overview 2010-11) which is available on the ACMA website.

Last updated: 30 November 2016