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A tangled web

Why do we adopt digital disguises on the internet and how can we better manage our online identity, security and privacy?


Source: ACMA, Managing your digital identity—Digital footprints and identities research, Short report 1, November 2013. 1. Conduct a personal identity audit to understand: > who your information is shared with > what your information will be used for > whether your personal data is discarded once it is not required. 2. Use privacy-enhancing tools such as personal data vaults, anonymisers and personal data monitors. 3. Stay informed about how to protect your digital privacy. Stay in control 40% are confident using privacy settings … but 37% just ‘hope for the best’. 65% of us manage between five and 50 login and password combinations Managing our online identity is a juggling act: How we manage Only 29% will give our current location. About 50% of us will give our home address, phone number(s) and place of birth More than 75% of us will give our full name, date of birth and gender We’re most willing to share our information with government organisations: For your information > if there’s no encryption symbol on the site 83% > if the site appears unprofessional 64% >if it seems unnecessary 61% > if the site is not based in Australia 36% Many of us withhold personal information if we’re not confident about how or why it’s being used: Context matters Aussies protect themselves on the internet by adopting a ‘digital disguise’. 47% of us—and 64% of those aged 18 to 24—give inaccurate information online or none at all. But why do we do it and how can we better manage our online identity, security and privacy? A tangled web acma.gov.au ACMA logo







Last updated: 21 March 2017