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The Internet of Things: ACMA's areas of focus

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In its role as a facilitator in Australia of the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), the Australian Communications and Media Authority has released a further paper in its Emerging issue in media and communications series titled Internet of Things and the ACMA’s areas of focus.

This occasional paper is one in a series that examines emerging issues. In this paper the ACMA is looking at the nation’s state of readiness to inter-connection of the potentially massive number of devices and objects that use the internet protocol. The ACMA is seeking feedback on areas in which it can better work with industry, citizens and consumers to further support IoT developments.

‘The IoT is the next stage in the digital communications convergence phenomena—it’s the stage that pervades the wider economy,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman. ‘Realising the potential benefits from mass device and information connectivity depends in part on appropriate regulatory settings enabling machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, reducing or removing barriers to adoption and appropriately mitigating any associated potential harms.’

The paper identifies areas for attention that are likely to be important to IoT developments in the near, medium and longer term. The suggested priority areas include:

  • resource allocation, such as spectrum and telephone numbers needed for communications infrastructure
  • managing network security and maintaining integrity
  • supporting the interoperability of devices and information through standards-setting
  • supporting Australian business, citizens and consumers to develop stronger digital technical and literacy capabilities to interact constructively with devices and better engage with the increasing complexity of digital information.

In a related initiative, the ACMA is working with Communications Alliance members as part of an industry-wide IoT Think Tank. Within that initiative, the ACMA is also leading the work stream on spectrum availability and licensing needs for wireless services.

The ACMA welcomes comments and feedback by 14 December in response to:

1. Proposals from industry about the need for the designation of a discrete numbering range for M2M or IoT.

2. Views from industry about future spectrum and licensing requirements to support M2M and IoT applications.

3. Any additional matters that should be included as priorities for regulatory attention that have not yet been identified in this paper.

4. Input from industry as to how cooperative models of information sharing and action by industry, citizens and regulators might be adapted to address newer forms of digital information harms.

5. Comments about whether the ACMA has correctly identified the near-, medium- and longer-term priorities for regulatory attention.

The next paper in the Emerging issues series will focus on 5G mobile developments.

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Media release 58/2015 - 13 November


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