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The connected citizen occasional paper

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The ACMA’s occasional papers explore prevailing and emerging themes of relevance to regulatory practice in the communications and media environment. The connected citizen—a disruptive concept informing ACMA perspectives builds on the ACMA’s body of work focusing on the citizen as a central consideration in making communications and media work in Australia’s interests. 

The Connected citizen occasional paper:

  • reviews the concepts of ‘citizen’ and ‘citizen interests’ in the context of recent developments in international regulatory practice and the Australian government and regulatory context
  • reflects on how the ACMA’s regulatory practice has adapted as it has embedded citizen considerations in its work
  • looks at what it means to be a digital citizen in the context of contemporary communications regulation through a developing analytical approach used by the ACMA to inform its understanding about this changing citizen interest
  • points to where regulation can be recalibrated to remove outdated and unnecessary obligations, while continuing to target regulation to areas of risk and harm
  • identifies a range of emerging/future citizen challenges and opportunities for change in communications and media regulatory practice.

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February 2016


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The connected citizen—a disruptive concept informing ACMA perspectives occasional paper

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