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The ACMA's international engagement

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The ACMA has engaged with overseas organisations and in international fora for many years. However, the continued global integration of communications and media markets and services, and the ongoing disruption of digital technologies is driving the need for greater collaboration and cooperation between countries. The ACMA is one of many communications and media regulators around the world looking to maximise the social and economic benefits of digital technologies through developing best-practice responses to these challenges.

International engagement is an important way the ACMA advances policies and programs that will help to reduce harms and promote outcomes in the interests of Australian business and the community

This occasional paper outlines why the ACMA undertakes international engagement and the public interest benefits it aims to achieve through its engagement. The paper provides an overview of the strategies the ACMA uses in undertaking international engagement and case studies that demonstrate what the ACMA has achieved through this process.

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June 2015

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The ACMA’s international engagement—regulating in a globalised communications and media environment: Occasional paper

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