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Privacy guidelines for broadcasters

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The ACMA's Privacy guidelines for broadcasters help broadcasters and members of the public better understand the operation of the privacy provisions in the various broadcasting codes of practice. The guidelines provide an overview of how the ACMA assesses complaints by listeners or viewers that allege breaches of the privacy provisions in the codes.

Broadcasting codes of practice are registered by or, in the case of national broadcasters, notified to the ACMA. They include obligations developed by broadcasters with respect to privacy. The guidelines were developed by the ACMA's predecessor, the Australian Broadcasting Authority in consultation with the broadcasting industry and were released by the newly formed ACMA in August 2005. They were comprehensively reviewed in 2011.

In September 2016, the privacy guidelines were updated to:

  • reflect amendments to codes of practice since 2011
  • include new case studies of key ACMA privacy investigation decisions over the past five years
  • update references to personal information; and clarify the ACMA’s approach to consent, material in the public domain, and children’s privacy.

View the current guidelines (Word 389 KB)

For more information about consultation on the most recent updates to the privacy guidelines, please see our consultation page

Last updated: 14 March 2019