Mobile Number Portability C570:2009 | ACMA

Mobile Number Portability C570:2009


Industry body responsible

Communications Alliance Ltd (CA)

Section of the industry to which code relates

This code applies to carriers & carriage service providers (CSPs)

Date of registration

19 February 2016

Objectives of the code

The objectives of this code are to:

  1. set out procedures between CSPs to enable a Customer to retain their mobile number when transferring from one CSP to another or changing Mobile Carrier Networks, even though the relevant number range will still be allocated to the Donor CSP
  2. set out competitively neutral and non-discriminatory processes for the implementation and operation of MNP
  3. set out competitively neutral processes by which CSPs may exchange information with each other in accordance with applicable privacy regulation
  4. set out criteria against which the compliance of CSPs with the Code may be assessed.

Accessing the code

Last updated: 21 March 2017