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Communications report 2012–13

More than ever before, the digital economy is changing the communications and media landscape in Australia.

The ACMA Communications report 2012–13 shows that Australia’s digital landscape continues to grow strongly with increases across the board in levels of internet access, frequency of internet use and growth in the intensity of online engagement. This increased engagement with the digital economy continues is shaping and challenging existing business models in the face of shifting consumer communications and media preferences.

Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in trends around our daily life in the digital economy:

  • 14.24 million Australians had access to the internet in their home at June 2013
  • 13.15 million Australians had a home broadband service at June 2013
  • half of internet users accessed the internet at work
  • 5.64 million people use the internet to work away from the office—‘digital workers’
  • 12.86 million people used online banking or bill paying in the six months to May 2013.

The Communications report fulfils the ACMA's statutory reporting requirements under section 105 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 to report to the Minister for Communications on significant matters relating to the performance of carriers and carriage service providers (CSPs), particularly consumer satisfaction, consumer benefits and quality of service.

The report provides an overview of the Australian telecommunications industry performance against a range of regulatory obligations including compliance with safeguards such as the Customer Service Guarantee Standard, the provision of emergency call services and compliance with codes and standards.

More on the digital economy

We will also publish a suite of targeted reports on specific areas of the digital economy to complement the Communications report including:

There’s also our research snapshot series—short, fit-for-purpose, research updates on key issues of relevance to the ACMA and its stakeholders. Snapshots released in 2013 are on the ACMA website

Download the report—in full

ACMA Communications report 2012-13— PDF (2.2 mb) or Word (.docx 1.2 mb)

Download the report—by section/chapter

Chairman's foreword (.docx 83 kb)

Introduction and Executive summary (.docx 57 kb)

Key indicators—At a glance (.docx 78 kb)

Chapter 1—The Australian communications and media market (.docx 231 Kb)

Chapter 2—National interest issues (.docx 80 kb)

Chapter 3—Telecommunications consumer safeguards and quality of service (.docx 177 kb)

Chapter 4—Broadcasting industry performance (.docx 211 kb)

Chapter 5—Consumer benefits from participating in the digital economy (.docx 166 kb)

Glossary (.docx 61 kb)

A zip file of the Excel spreadsheets used to generate all the charts and tables in the report can be downloaded here.

Key facts and figures from the report can be found in our infographic and this Prezi.

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