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Communications report 2011-12

The ACMA Communications report 2011–12  fulfils the ACMA’s statutory reporting requirements under section 105 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 to report to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy on significant matters relating to the performance of carriers and carriage service providers with particular reference to consumer satisfaction, consumer benefits and quality of service.

The report provides an overview of the Australian telecommunications industry performance against a range of regulatory obligations including compliance with safeguards such as the Customer Service Guarantee, the provision of emergency call services and compliance with codes and standards. Reflecting the establishment of the ACMA as a converged communications and media regulator, the broadcasting industry’s performance in meeting regulatory obligations has also been incorporated.

The ACMA Communications report 2011–12 discusses key developments in broadcasting, internet, radiocommunications and telecommunications industries and continues to examine Australians growing use of digital communications and media to participate in the digital economy. This year’s report also includes material on developments relating to key digital economy infrastructure such as the rollout of the National Broadband Network and 4G mobile networks. Latest ACMA research relating to consumer benefits from participation in the digital economy is also presented.

In line with previous years, the ACMA continues to develop a suite of targeted reports to complement the Communications report 2011–12. These reports are aimed at informing the broader community and decision makers about how convergence and the digital economy are impacting communications and media services:

Report 1—Online video content services in Australia: Latest developments in the supply and use of professionally produced online video services (Word)

Report 2—Australia’s progress in the digital economy: Participation, trust and confidence (Word)

Report 3—Smartphones and tablets: Take-up and use in Australia.(Word)

The Communications report 2011–12 was tabled in Parliament on 6 December 2012.

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ACMA Communications report 2011–12PDF (4.6 mb) or Word (.docx 1.7 mb)

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Chairman's foreword (.docx 34 kb)

Introduction and Executive summary (.docx 44 kb)

Key indicators—At a glance (.docx 58 kb)

Chapter 1—The Australian communications and media market (.docx 624 kb)

Chapter 2—National interest issues (.docx 94 kb)

Chapter 3—Telecommunications consumer safeguards and quality of service (.docx 332 kb)

Chapter 4—Broadcasting industry regulatory performance (.docx 223 kb)

Chapter 5—Consumer benefits from participating in the digital economy (.docx 262 kb)

Glossary (.docx 51 kb)

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