Five ways to avoid data overuse and bill shock from new 4G phones | ACMA

Five ways to avoid data overuse and bill shock from new 4G phones

Users buying 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile phones should be aware of the risk of data overuse and bill shock. The ACMA has released an easy-to-use infographic, showing five ways to avoid overuse and bill shock, when using a phone on a high-speed 4G/LTE mobile network.

Overseas research suggests users of high-speed 4G/LTE networks could use more data than they’re used to and may experience bill shock as a result.

Joint research by Canadian Mobidia Technology, Inc. (a leading provider of device-centric, mobile data solutions) and Informa Telecoms & Media (a leading analyst firm)—Understanding Today’s Smartphone Users—shows that LTE networks and devices are stimulating increased data usage, by up to 50 per cent in some cases.

Similarly, mobile intelligence firm, Validas, conducted a recent study in the U.S. on data usage on 4G networks, which found the addition of LTE in a phone could double consumer’s usage.

The telecommunications consumer protection code provides a range of reforms to better protect telco consumers. Customers are able to easily compare costs and plans, with telcos required to provide unit pricing for national calls, standard SMS and downloading 1 MB of data in advertisements.

Below is the infographic on how mobile users can better control their data usage and charges.

Data charges_takecontrolfinal master jpg


Last updated: 11 May 2017