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Broken concepts

The ACMA has published three significant thought leadership pieces as part of a series of discussion papers about communications and media regulation:

Together they frame the ACMA’s considerations on the development of a single coherent regulatory framework for media and communications. They articulate and support our idea that current media and communications legislation and regulation in Australia are under strain, increasingly ‘unfit for purpose’, and often unsuited to the goal of promoting the public interest.

Broken concepts highlights the ever-increasing strain on old legislative regulatory concepts struggling with new technology. It outlined 55 legislative concepts—the building blocks of communications and media regulation—that are broken or significantly strained as a result of convergence pressures.

The accompanying paper Enduring concepts, considered the fundamental concepts underlying the rationale for regulatory and non-regulatory responses in media and communications markets. It also discussed how these concepts may be applied in a converged media and communications framework.

In Broken concepts—A 2013 update on the Australian communications legislative landscape, the ACMA identified a further 10 legislative concepts that are under pressure from contemporary developments communications and media.

Last updated: 03 June 2014