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ACMA Consumer Consultative Forum

The Consumer Consultative Forum (CCF) is the ACMA’s peak consumer group for telecommunications issues.

It brings together key stakeholders, including consumer advocates, the telco industry and government, to raise and discuss important consumer issues affecting users of telecommunications services—mobiles, the internet and fixed-line telephones—and informs the ACMA .

Established under Section 59 of the Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005, the CCF is chaired by the ACMA’s James Cameron and meets at least twice a year. The most recent CCF meeting was held in October 2017.

Aims of the CCF

The CCF provides a valuable opportunity for consumer representatives to work with industry and government and make a real difference. It:

  • provides a forum to engage demand-side, supply-side and regulatory interests on communications consumer issues

  • allows the ACMA to access representative perspectives on issues affecting consumers

  • positions the interests of systematically disadvantaged consumers within the context of overall consumer interests.

Download the CCF terms of reference (Word 32 KB, PDF 93 KB).

View the minutes of CCF meetings.

Current membership

To provide the ACMA with informed and representative advice, the CCF fosters multiple perspectives on issues relating to communications services. The CCF strives for a balanced membership of consumer representatives, industry organisations and regulators and/or policy makers.

Consumer representatives

  • Teresa Corbin, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

  • Daniel Featherstone, General Manager, Indigenous Remote Communications Association (until April 2018)

  • Dorothy Coombe, Country Women’s Association of Australia (until April 2018)

  • Erin Turner, CHOICE (until April 2018)

  • George Fong, Internet Society of Australia (until April 2018)

  • Jenny Lovric, Legal Aid NSW (until April 2018)

  • Jo Ucukalo, Two Hoots and Handle My Complaint (until April 2018)

  • Nadia Moffatt, Brain Injury SA (until April 2018)

 Representatives from industry bodies

  • Chris Althaus, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association

  • John Stanton, Chief Executive Officer, Communications Alliance

 Regulatory and government representatives

  • Delia Rickard, Deputy Chair, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

  • Judi Jones, Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

  • Sylvia Spaseski, Assistant Secretary, Consumer Access, Department of Communications 

Further information

Contact Anna Snidaro via email or phone (03) 9963 6769.

Last updated: 14 December 2017