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Spectrum tune-up: Beyond 2020

Beyond 2020—Addressing the growth in mobile broadband capacity

Mobile broadband services deliver substantial economic and societal benefits to the Australian economy and community. The growth in demand for mobile broadband capacity is ongoing and likely to lead to continuing pressures for additional spectrum, although the extent and timing of these needs cannot be predicted with any certainty.

There is also a continuing need for spectrum for many other applications. The development of spectrum management arrangements that support the growth in mobile broadband capacity must, therefore, continue to be balanced with the ongoing requirements for other uses of the spectrum.

Spectrum management arrangements for mobile broadband services have been a key issue for the ACMA for many years. The ACMA considers that a review of its spectrum management approach for mobile broadband is timely, in order to provide continued transparency and (to the extent possible) certainty on this issue. Transparency and certainty are particularly important, given the substantial impact of mobile broadband spectrum issues on spectrum users and the wider Australian public. In conducting this review, the ACMA recognises that access to additional spectrum (or improved arrangements for existing mobile broadband spectrum) is just one component in delivering the benefits of increased mobile broadband capacity.

Over 100 delegates joined the ACMA and industry speakers to discuss the Beyond 2020 discussion paper and other matters surrounding spectrum management for mobile broadband on Thursday 24 September 2015. The agenda and presentations for the event are now available. 

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