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About spectrum tune-ups

The ACMA has been holding spectrum tune-ups since 2008. 

Spectrum tune-ups are ACMA events where we discuss current and emerging issues about spectrum management in Australia. During these events, we invite industry speakers and the audience to get involved in the discussion, which can cover a range of spectrum issues. Tune-ups are generally held to gather feedback from industry on developing issues or new papers that we’ve released.

Recent tune-up events have covered how we manage radiofrequency spectrum to address the challenges of mobile broadband capacity, 5G, the Internet of Things and connected cars.

Depending on the topic, tune-ups are held at an ACMA office (Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane) and are video conferenced to other ACMA locations. We encourage guests to attend in person at any of the supporting offices.

Take a look at some previous spectrum tune-ups:

When do we hold spectrum tune-ups?

When we decide a spectrum management or an emerging spectrum issue needs consultation with industry, we will hold a tune-up. Stakeholders are given plenty of notice as to when a tune-up is planned so they have enough time to register.

Spectrum tune-ups are usually held Monday to Friday during business hours and are always free of charge.  

How can I get involved?

We welcome industry and stakeholder feedback and encourage attendance at all spectrum tune-up events. If you’re interested in finding out about our next tune-up (or other ACMA events), please register your details and we’ll email you with information.

So, tune in to tune-up … we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Last updated: 17 October 2017