RadComms 2018: presentations | ACMA

RadComms 2018: presentations

Take a look at the speaker presentations from RadComms 2018:

Day one

Session one: Welcome and introduction

  • Opening address: Nerida O’Loughlin, Chair and Agency Head, ACMA (speech)
  • Keynote address: Mark Pesce, Futurist, inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and podcaster (.pdf, 36 MBlink to mp3 of speech)

Session two: Broadcasting futures

  • Bridget Fair, Chief Executive Officer, Free TV Australia (.pptx, 16.4 MB)
  • Joan Warner, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Radio Australia 
    (.pptx, 8.8 MB)
  • Peter Lambourne, Chief Executive Officer, Broadcast Australia (n/a)

Session three: Competition futures

  • Keynote address: Rod Sims, Chairman, ACCC (n/a)

Session four: Broadband futures

  • Lambo Kanagaratnam, VP, Optus Network Deployment,
    Optus (.pptx, 7.7 MB)
  • Chris Worley, Senior Engineer, Spectrum Planning & Engineering,
    ACMA (.pptx, 2.9 MB)
  • Mike Wood, General Manager, EME Strategy, Telstra (.pptx, 15 MB)

Session five: Space 2.0

  • Karl Rodrigues, Executive Director, International and National Engagement, Australian Space Agency (.pptx, 7.8 MB)
  • Dr John Dawson, Section Leader, Geoscience Australia (.pptx, 51.2 MB)
  • Simon Reynolds, Service and Asset Performance Advisor, Airservices Australia 
    (.pptx, 3.9 MB)
  • Patrick Tatum, Chief Engineer, Iridium Satellite Communications 
    (.pptx, 17.7 MB)

Day two

Session six: Policy and technology

  • Keynote address: Richard Windeyer, Deputy Secretary, Department of Communications and the Arts (speech—Word 123 KB, PDF 123 KB)

Session seven: Satellite futures

  • Bashir Patel, Global Spectrum & Regulatory Policy, ESOA (.pptx, 11 MB)
  • Tony Azzarelli, VP Regulatory, Global Licensing & Spectrum Affairs, Oneweb
    (.pptx, 17.1 MB)
  • Chris Hofer, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Viasat Inc (.pptx, 6.8 MB)

Session eight: Spectrum futures

Session nine: Defragmentation dividend

Session ten: The spectrum spotlight (panel)

Last updated: 19 November 2018