RadComms 2016: Agenda | ACMA

RadComms 2016: Agenda

DAY 1: Wednesday 9 March 2016—Disruption and transformation

8.00–9.00 am

Registration, tea and coffee

9.00–9.10 am

Welcome and introduction

James Cameron, Acting Deputy Chair, ACMA

9.10–9.40 am

Opening address—Enabling innovation

Richard Bean, Acting Chairman, ACMA

9.40–11.50 am

Session 1: Mobile broadband

9.40–9.45 am

Session introduction

Rosemary Sinclair, Member, ACMA

9.45–10.00 am

Mobile broadband strategy

Chris Hose, ACMA

10.00–10.15 am

Mobile broadband: Terrestrial perspective

Chris Althaus, AMTA

10.15–10.30 am

Mobile broadband: Space perspective

Dr Laura Roberti, Inmarsat

10.30–11.00 am

Morning tea

11.00–11.15 am

Public Safety Mobile Broadband—The final report of the Productivity Commission

Commissioner Jonathan Coppel, Productivity Commission

11.15–11.30 am

Public Safety Mobile Broadband—A Victorian perspective

Steven Tsikaris, Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria

11.30–11.50 am

Panel session


11.50 am – 12.00 pm

Introduction of ITU Secretary General

Chris Chapman, President-elect, IIC

12.00–12.30 pm

Keynote address

Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General, ITU

12.30–1.30 pm


1.30–3.00 pm

Session 2: Seizing opportunity—Fostering innovation

1.30–1.35 pm

Session introduction

James Cameron, Acting Deputy Chair, ACMA

1.35–1.50 pm

Review of the Space Activities Act

Dr Anne Byrne, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

1.50–2.05 pm

The Buccaneer and Biarri Cubesat projects

Dr Craig Benson, UNSW Canberra Space Group

2.05–2.20 pm

Satellites: New technologies and new systems

David Ball, Consultant

2.20–2.35 pm

The global pathway to 5G

Dr Ray Owen, Nokia

2.35–3.00 pm

Panel session



Afternoon tea

3.30–5.00 pm

Session 3: Broadcasting and super-fast broadband

3.30–3.35 pm

Session introduction

Giles Tanner, ACMA

3.35–4.00 pm

Broadcasting keynote: Disruption is the name of the game (and this generation must not play it the same)

Kim Williams AM

4.00–4.20 pm

Industry perspective

Julie Flynn, Free TV

4.20–4.30 pm

Broadcasting technical evolution

Andrew King, BroadSpectrum Consultants

4.30–4.50 pm

Panel session


4.50 pm

Wrap-up session and Day 1 summary

4.50–5.10 pm

Day 1 summary

James Cameron, Acting Deputy Chair, ACMA

5.30–7.00 pm

Welcome reception—Darling Island Wharf, Pyrmont

DAY 2: Thursday 10 March 2016—Reform and opportunity

8.30–9.00 am

Arrival, tea and coffee

9.00–9.05 am

Welcome Day 2 and keynote speaker introduction

Richard Bean, Acting Chairman, ACMA

9.05–9.35 am

Keynote address

Senator the Hon. Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications

9.35–11.00 am

Session 4: Policy reform—Framework for the future

9.35–9.40 am

Session introduction

Richard Bean, Acting Chairman, ACMA

9.40–9.55 am

Spectrum Reform

Phil Manners, The Centre for International Economics

9.55–10.10 am

Spectrum reform

Dan Lloyd, Vodafone


Spectrum reform

John Stanton, Communications Alliance

10.25–10.40 am

Spectrum reform

Joan Warner, Commercial Radio Australia

10.40–11.00 am

Panel session


11.00–11.30 am

Morning tea

11.30 am – 1.00 pm

Session 5: Smart everything

11.30–11.35 am

Session introduction

James Cameron, Acting Deputy Chair, ACMA

11.35–11.50 am

The Internet of Things: An Australian opportunity

Dr Michael Briers, CEO, Knowledge Economy Institute

11.50 am – 12.05 pm

The Internet of Things: A global perspective

Andres Torres, Ericsson

12.05–12.20 pm

Smart (Australian) cities

Catherine Caruana-McManus, Founder, Giant Ideas and non-Executive Director, Meshed

12.20–12.35 pm

Planning for connected and automated vehicles

Stuart Ballingall, Austroads


Spectrum management for the Internet of Things

Mark Loney, ACMA

12.50–1.10 pm

Panel session


1.10–2.10 pm


2.10–4.00 pm

Session 6: Innovation as usual

2.10–2.15 pm

Session introduction

Maureen Cahill, ACMA

2.15–2.30 pm

ACMA spectrum update

Giles Tanner, ACMA

2.30–2.45 pm

The EA-18G Growler

FLTLT Matthew Murphy, RAAF

2.45–3.00 pm

803–960 MHz: Outcomes and implementation

Outcomes: Chris Worley, ACMA

Implementation: Andrew Stewart, ACMA

3.00–3.15 pm

Spectrum management: An industry perspective

Ian Miller, ARCIA

3.15–3.30 pm

Afternoon tea

3.30–3.45 pm

Creating new market mechanisms

David Brumfield, ACMA

3.45–4.00 pm

Panel session


4.00 pm

Wrap-up session and conference summary

4.00–4.15 pm

Conference wrap-up

Richard Bean, Acting Chairman, ACMA

4.15 pm

Conference close

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