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Australian content conversation: program


When: 16–17 May 2017

Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney 

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8.30−9.00 am


9.00−9.10 am

Welcome to Country

9.10−9.20 am

Welcome from Richard Bean, Acting Chairman, ACMA

9.20−9.45 am

Keynote address—Senator the Hon. Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications and the Arts

9.45−10.45 am

The ‘vibe’: What is Australian content? Does it matter?

This panel discussion and forum will seek to define ‘Australian content’. Is it stories about Australians? Is it stories by Australians? And what cultural and economic value do these stories actually bring—what return does the Australian audience get for their support?

Confirmed speakers:

Megan Brownlow, Anita Jacoby, Joanna Werner, Seph McKenna, Sally Riley

10.45−11.15 am


11.15−11.45 am

Behind the scenes: a regulatory perspective

The complex regulatory framework that underpins and incentivises Australian content will be outlined and discussed in this session. Are these mechanisms justified and do they meet their stated objectives?

Confirmed speakers:

James Cameron, Fiona Cameron, Jenni Tosi

11.45 am—12.45 pm

Change, change, change ... what’s new?

Technological change affects the creators and consumers of Australian audio visual content. Understanding these changes helps us to determine how regulation can remain relevant and even whether there is still a need for government intervention at all.

Confirmed speakers:

Marc Fennell, Jennifer Wilson, Rosie Lourde, Mike Jones, Andrew Peterson


Listen to this session on the Download this show podcast, hosted by Marc Fennell.

12.45−1.45 pm


1.45−2.45 pm

Buy, sell, swap: The economics of Australian content production (Panel 1)

The economics of Australian audio-visual content needs to be carefully analysed if we are to understand what sustains the industry and assess what, if any, regulatory levers are needed to support it. This session will deconstruct the economics of producing Australian content for today’s audiences, from conception to distribution. An opening conversation with John Edwards will be followed by a panel discussion.

Confirmed speakers:

George Megalogenis, Beverley McGarvey, Deanne Weir, Michelle Guthrie, Ian Hogg, Nick Forward

2.45−3.15 pm

Buy, sell, swap: The economics of Australian content production (Panel 2)

Confirmed speakers:

George Megalogenis, Mike Cowap, Anita Sheehan, Scott Howard

3.15−3.45 pm


3.45−4.45 pm

What does success look like?

What should a successful 'Australian content policy' deliver? What outcomes do current policy and regulation support and how do they interplay with other measures of success? Has what we value changed?

Confirmed speakers:

Neil Peplow, Bridget Fair, Michael Brealey, Jean-Pierre Blais, Chris Oliver-Taylor

4.45−5.05 pm

The story so far ...
This session will take up the themes of the day and highlight their relevance to topics that will arise in day two of the conversation.

Confirmed speakers:

Jennifer McNeill, Carolyn Patteson

5.05−7.00 pm

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8.15−8.45 am


8.45−8.50 am

Welcome back

8.50−9.35 am

Future focus

To make good decisions about the future, we need to try and understand what the future holds. This session will include observations, predictions and aspirations relevant to the content of the future.

Confirmed speakers:

George Megalogenis, Helen Kellie, Nathan Mayfield, Nick MacPherson, Anita Jacoby

9.35−10.35 am

International perspectives

In considering our options for good policy in Australia, it is useful to learn from international perspectives. This session will see international regulators, and the industry practitioners they engage with, compare various frameworks for local or national content.

Confirmed speakers:

Jean-Pierre Blais, Jane Wrightson, Professor Jonathan Taplin, Chris Oliver-Taylor

10.35−11.00 am


11.00 am—12.00 pm

Current interventions, future directions

Which areas of current regulatory intervention are working well and which should change or be replaced? This session will discuss the future possibilities for regulation and funding interventions.

Confirmed speakers:

Rosemary Sinclair, Ishtar Vij, Ian McGill, Bruce Meagher, Debra Richards, Richard Eccles, Matthew Deaner

12.00−12.45 pm

Regional local content: sustainability in an age of digital disruption

Local content is important to many Australians living in regional areas. Are these needs understood and are they being met? This session will include an overview of recent ACMA research into regional local content, with discussion on alternative models to meet needs for local news and content.

Confirmed speakers:

Jenny Brigg, Adam Drummond, Margaret Simons, Mike Dalton, David Anderson

12.45–1.30 pm


1.30−2.30 pm

Kids and screens
Do all children need access to age-appropriate quality Australian screen content? This session will include an overview of recent ACMA research, review current child audience viewing preferences, and discuss the most efficient and effective ways to meet their viewing expectations.

Confirmed speakers:

Jonquil Ritter, Tim Brooke-Hunt, Jenny Buckland, Barbara Stephen, Monica O'Brien, Michael Carrington

2.30−3.30 pm

Where are we going and how do we get there?
A presidential-style debate that will tackle some of the key issues of the conference concerning regulation, Australian audiences, Australian stories and future directions.

Confirmed speakers:

Andrew O’Keefe, Chris Berg, Matthew Deaner, Nick Murray, Sophie Dawson, Pearl Tan, Andrew Maiden

3.30−4.00 pm

Beyond the talking
To conclude the conference, this session will be a wide-ranging discussion drawing on the themes of the past two days.

Confirmed speakers:

Richard Bean, Fiona Cameron, Richard Eccles

4.00–5.00 pm


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