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Australian content conversation: overview

The communications landscape is almost unrecognisable from 20 years ago. Governments and regulators need to respond effectively to an ever-changing media environment marked by an abundance of content, constant innovation and rapidly evolving audience consumption patterns. In the face of these challenges, what interventions could and should we see in Australia?

The conversation

When: Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 May 2017

Where: International Convention Centre, Sydney

In conjunction with the Department of Communications and the Arts and Screen Australia, we held a two day conference and explored themes including the importance of Australian content, the diversity of local voices and the regulatory challenges and opportunities in a world where citizens expect access to the content they want, when and where they want it.

Featuring a dynamic format and mix of sessions, the conference informed and inspired a wide range of professionals in this significant area. Attendees included content regulators and representatives from all avenues of content production, distribution and consumption in Australia; as well as content creators and content buyers for the major free-to-air and subscription broadcasters. Check out the speaker list and program to find out more. 

Read the conference overview report

The conference overview report (Word, 423 kB) is a high-level summary of the wide-ranging discussion over the two days.

View the conference videos

Interviews with participants on key themes of the conversation

Kids' vox pops

Current government interventions and support

Podcasts from the conference

Marc Fennell (speaker)—Change, change, change

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