Annual report 2009-10 | ACMA

Annual report 2009-10

The ACMA Annual report 2009—10 was tabled in Parliament on 13 October 2010.

The document is available in PDF and Word formats. Hard copies are available on request.

Section/part of annual report



Complete document

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Chairman's foreword

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Chapter 1: About the ACMA

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Chapter 2: Regulatory environment

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Chapter 3: Content regulation and consumer information

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Chapter 4: Managing and developing our resources

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Appendices 1 - 18

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Appendix 19: Financial statements

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* The Word version of the ACMA annual report does not include the appendix, glossary or index sections.

Summary of new consultancy services contracts

Under the Requirements for Annual Reports for Departments, Executive Agencies and FMA Act Bodies, approved by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit under subsections 63(2) and 70(2) of the Public Service Act 1999, the ACMA is required to include in its annual report a summary statement detailing the number of new consultancy services contracts let during the year; the total actual expenditure on all new consultancy contracts let during the year (inclusive of GST); the number of ongoing consultancy contracts that were active in the reporting year; and the total actual expenditure in the reporting year on the ongoing consultancy contracts (inclusive of GST).

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