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Regulating TV broadcasters

The ACMA's objectives, powers, functions and policy in the broadcasting industry covers:

  • the desirability of program diversity
  • limits on concentration of media ownership
  • limits on foreign control of the mass media
  • a need for media to help foster an Australian cultural identity
  • fair reporting of news
  • respect for community standards.

The ACMA's role in the regulation of television broadcasters includes:

  • planning the radiofrequency spectrum used
  • the assignment of digital TV channels
  • administering broadcast licences
  • administering broadcasting codes of practice, standards and licence conditions.

The ACMA provides information to the public about:

The ACMA can receive complaints about the content of programs, including ABC and SBS services. However, complaints must first be made to the broadcaster.

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Last updated: 13 February 2019