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'Citizens’ and the ACMA

Exploring the concepts within Australian media and communications regulation

This occasional paper considers the application of citizen concepts to the role of the ACMA as regulator of media and communications in Australia. While debates about citizen concepts in Australian media and communications regulation have occurred over several decades, recent developments such as the rise of social networking and the availability of Web 2.0 tools have reinvigorated the idea of citizen participation in public services.

This is an introductory paper which focuses on the ACMA's relationship to citizens within the sphere of its regulatory responsibilities, informed by research of key government and academic literature. In the course of considering the ACMA's regulatory role, the paper explores general concepts relating to 'the citizen' in recent public policy discussions, as discussed in government and academic contexts. These include the UK experience and Australian Public Service initiatives.

The paper outlines the background to current public policy discussions and provides a starting point for exploring the ACMA's role in relation to citizens. It is a work in progress and open to evolution as issues arise, and the ACMA welcomes feedback on the paper.

The paper 'Citizens' and the ACMA - Exploring the concepts within Australian media and communications regulation' is one in a series of occasional papers exploring current issues in regulation. The ACMA's occasional papers form part of its ongoing research program, which is designed to ensure the ACMA meets its statutory reporting and advisory obligations and to assist the ACMA in making decisions as an evidence-informed regulator.

The full paper is available in PDF (840 kb) or Word (616 kb) formats. 

Last updated: 14 November 2013