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Cost recovery implementation statements

A cost recovery implementation statement (CRIS) is a requirement of the government’s charging policy and has been a key requirement since the introduction of a formal cost recovery policy in December 2002. The cost recovery policy is aimed at improving the consistency, transparency and accountability of its cost recovery arrangements and to promote the efficient allocation of resources. The cost recovery policy was revised in 2014 and incorporated into the Australian Government Charging Framework in July 2015.

The Australian Government Charging Framework (the Charging Framework) seeks to improve consistency of broader charging activities. It provides the overarching framework for government entities to plan, implement and review their charging activities. The Charging Framework incorporates and builds on the existing cost recovery policy, which continues to apply to regulatory charging activities.

The underlying principle for regulatory activities is that, where an identifiable group creates extra or specific demand for a specific regulatory activity, they should be charged for the activity, where appropriate. Key considerations for government regulation include whether: there is an identifiable individual or group; it is efficient and effective to charge; and the activity is consistent with Australian Government policy objectives.

There are specific requirements under the Charging Framework for regulatory charging activities, including policy authority to cost recovery a specific activity, a statutory basis for charging, alignment between expenses and revenue, and maintaining up-to-date, publicly available documentation and reporting through a CRIS.
The ACMA undertakes a number of activities where the government has given policy authority for cost recovery. The ACMA has prepared CRISs for the following activities.

Annual Carrier Licence Charge

  • Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (version 3) for the Annual Carrier Licence Charge 2016–17—approved on 17 July 2017. It provides a summary of the cost recovery arrangements used by the ACMA and other participating organisations for the Annual Carrier Licence Charge for the 2016–17 financial year.

Fees for the radiocommunications, telecommunications and broadcasting services

Fees for Do Not Call Register operations

Archived Cost Recovery Impact Statement

Last updated: 11 July 2018