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Recruitment process

The ACMA is committed to fairness and equity in all selection processes and recognises merit as the primary basis for recruitment.


If you have been selected for interview, you will be contacted soon after the closing date.

Selections are based on merit and may include one or more assessment methods, for example, written applications, referee reports, interviews or skills assessment.

Availability for interview

Interviews can occur any time after the date applications close and it is recommended that you are available to be interviewed from that date.


You will need to provide the contact details of two referees with your application. The ACMA prefers if one of these referees is your current immediate supervisor.

Progress of your application

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified by email after the selection process has been completed.


Feedback is offered to all applicants on request. You should contact the nominated contact officer for feedback on your application.

Workplace diversity

Should you need assistance with building access, interpreters or other services, please discuss your requirements with the contact officer before your interview.

Salary on commencement

If you are successful in obtaining a position within the ACMA, you will generally receive a salary at the minimum point of the applicable salary range. However, a starting salary above the minimum pay point may be negotiated, depending on your experience, qualifications and skills and your likely contribution to the ACMA.

The fact that you may be on a higher salary in your current position may be a consideration when determining commencing salary, however, this it cannot be the only factor used to support a higher salary.

Please note, if you wish to negotiate a higher salary, this must be done before commencement and acceptance of an offer from the ACMA.

It is appropriate for you to raise the issue of commencing salary during your interview or once you have been advised that you are the successful candidate.

When considering whether or not you can justify commencing at a salary point above the minimum you must consider the following factors:

  • the length and nature of your experience relevant to the offered position
  • how recent your experience is
  • the level of contribution you feel you can make immediately
  • your relative worth in comparison with others performing similar work.

Temporary employment register

The ACMA maintains a temporary employment register to assist with finding personnel for short term engagements. Follow the link for more information.

Last updated: 11 March 2019