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2006 television investigations

The table below contains details of the ACMA's 2006 television investigations and investigation reports. Details of television investigations in other years are available on TV investigations page. Details of ACMA radio investigations are available on Radio investigations page.

Date Finalised Service Type Call Sign Program Name Outcome Reports
27/10/2006 Commercial TV ATV The Supernatural Breach – Program promotion in PG 1719 The Supernatural
9/10/2006 Commercial TV NBN News Breach - Accuracy; Complaints handling 1716 Evening News
6/10/2006 Subscription Broadcasting Television How to be a Property Developer Breach - Language in PG 1701 How To Be A Property Developer
28/09/2006 Commercial TV ATN Today Tonight Breach - Factual accuracy & fair representation of viewpoints; Failure to correct significant errors of fact 1633 Today Tonight
22/09/2006 Community TV ATW31 The British Soccer Show Broadcasting of advertisements and more than seven minutes in an hour of sponsorship announcements 1637 The British Football Show
20/09/2006 Commercial TV BTQ Today Tonight Breach—Factual accuracy 1643 Today Tonight
18/09/2006 Community TV TSN29 India TV Advertising 1679 India TV
6/09/2006 Commercial TV STQ Blue Heelers Breach—Program promotion in G 1652 Blue Heelers promotion
25/08/2006 Commercial TV TCN Today Breach - Complaints handling 1661 Today
25/08/2006 ABC Television ABC The Lost Secret of Catherine the Great Breach—Unsuitable for M—themes and sex 1685 The Lost Secret of Catherine the Great
18/08/2006 Commercial TV HSV Breach – Complaint-handling 1673 Melbourne Exhibition Centre sale advertisement
20/07/2006 ABC Television ABC Four Corners Breach—Accurate presentation of factual material and impartiality in news and current affairs 1418, 1474 Four Corners - 'Lords of the Forest'
24/04/2006 Commercial TV TCN A Current Affair Breach - Accuracy in news and current affairs 1641 A Current Affair
17/03/2006 Commercial TV Big Brother Uncut Breach - Broadcasting material not classified according to the Television Classification Guidelines 1579 Big Brother Uncut
18/01/2006 Commercial TV CTC Monk Breach - Classification 1597 Monk
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