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2005 television investigations

The table below contains details of the ACMA's 2005 television investigations and investigation reports. Details of television investigations in other years are available on this page. Details of ACMA radio investigations are available on this page.

Date Finalised Service Type Call Sign Program Name Outcome Reports
29/11/2005 Commercial TV NEW The OC Breach - Adult themes in G viewing times 1550 The OC program
26/10/2005 Commercial TV TVW Family Guy Breach - Incorrect classification 1534 The Family Guy
15/09/2005 Commercial TV Big Brother Uncut Breach - Material exceeded MA classification category 1557, 1558, 1559 Big Brother Uncut
9/09/2005 Commercial TV STW Channel Nine News Breach – Failure to provide captioning service 1507 News and election updates
31/08/2005 Commercial TV TVT Breach - Complaint handling 1572 WIN News
25/08/2005 Commercial TV ATN Today Tonight Breach - Accurate presentation of factual material 1524 Today Tonight
21/07/2005 Commercial TV TEN The OC Breach - Complaints handling 1536 Promotion for The OC
19/07/2005 Commercial TV GTV Nightline Breach – Complaint-handling 1521 Nightline
24/06/2005 Commercial TV NEN News Breach—Not providing a captioning service 1520 Local News
23/06/2005 Commercial TV TVQ Channel Ten News Breach—Privacy; Privacy of children; Complaint-handling 1511 First at Five News
26/05/2005 Commercial TV BTQ The Battle of Britain Breach—Scheduling more than the permissible 13 minutes per hour of non-program matter 1523 Non-program matter
19/05/2005 Commercial TV ATN Desperate Housewives Breach - Broadcasting material classified M during a PG time zone 1508/1510 Promotion for Desperate Housewives
18/05/2005 Commercial TV NBN 60 Minutes Breach - Invasion of privacy 1471 60 Minutes
10/05/2005 Commercial TV GTV Today Show Breach – Failure to present factual material accurately 1482 The Today Show
28/04/2005 Commercial TV ATN Today Tonight Breach - Factual accuracy & fair representation of viewpoints; Correction of errors 1416 Today Tonight
28/04/2005 Commercial TV TCN A Current Affair Breach - Failure to respond to complaint 1518 A Current Affair
1/04/2005 Commercial TV STQ Seven Local News Breach—Present news fairly and impartially 1455 Seven Local News
31/03/2005 Commercial TV HSV Home and Away Breach – Violence in PG 1470 Home and Away
11/03/2005 SBS Television SBS Insight Breach - Accuracy 1346 Insight - Styx vs Gunns
16/02/2005 SBS Television SBS John Safran vs God Breach - Complaints handling 1475 John Safran vs God Episode
11/02/2005 Commercial TV NBN morisset power barn Breach - Loudness of advertisements; Complaints handling 1466 Morisset Power Barn advertisements
3/02/2005 ABC Television ABT Four Corners Breach—Accurate presentation of factual material 1397 Four Corners
3/02/2005 Commercial TV HSV Twenty Four Breach – Broadcasting material with more than a very low sense of threat or menace, including weapons and physical and psychological violence against people 1426 24 promotion
28/01/2005 Commercial TV ATN Today Tonight Breach - Accurate presentation of factual material 1432 Today Tonight [Broadcast on 15 April 2004]
14/01/2005 ABC Television ABC A Decade Under the Influence Breach—PG language 1407 A Decade Under the Influence
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