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2007 radio investigations

The table below contains details of the ACMA's 2007 radio investigations and investigation reports. Details of radio nvestigations in other years are available on this page. Details of ACMA television investigations are available on this page.

Date Finalised Service Type Call Sign Program Name Outcome Reports
29/11/2007 Community Radio 3SER Breach - Advertisements 1836 Live broadcast ofVFL v WAFL match
23/10/2007 Community Radio 8KNB Breach - Community interest; Encouraging participation 1772 Radio Larrakia Association Inc
26/09/2007 Commercial Radio 3AW Sunday Morning Breach - Complaints handling 1821 Sunday Morning
24/09/2007 Commercial Radio 2UE John Laws Breach - Failure to disclose sponsor (Telstra); Failure to comply with Compliance Program Standard 1790 John Laws Morning Show Enforceable Undertaking- under section 205W of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992
5/07/2007 Community Radio 6SEN Breach - Australian music; Invitation to become members; Invitation to participate in talk programming - No Breach - Talk programming; Invitation to participat in music programming 1784 Additional licence conditions
29/05/2007 TCBL Breakfast Show Breach - Time limit on sponsorship announcements; Encouraging participation No Breach - Advertisements 1797 Encouraging participation
9/05/2007 Community Radio 2QBN Breach - Encouraging participation; Volunteer guidelines; Conflict resolution policy and procedure 1775 Management practices
23/04/2007 Commercial Radio 4EL John MacKenzie's Morning Breach - Complaint handling  No Breach - Factual material; Presentation of significant viewpoints 1789  John McKenzie's Mornings
30/03/2007 Commercial Radio 4MMM Tough Love Breach - Complaint handling  No Breach - Violence or brutality; Hatred or vilification; Decency 1786  Tough love
28/03/2007 Community Radio 3EON Breach - Encouraging participation No Breach - Community interest; Remain a suitable licensee 1730 Participation; Represent community interest; Providing the service for community purposes; Remaining a suitable licensee
22/02/2007 Commercial Radio 2GB Alan Jones Breach - Encourage violence; Vilification 1485 Breakfast with Alan Jones
5/01/2007 Community Radio 2HHH Breach - No policy & procedures for conflict resolution; Complaint handling 1746
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