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2006 radio investigations

The table below contains details of the ACMA's 2006 radio investigations and investigation reports. Details of radio investigations in other years are available on this page. Details of ACMA television investigations are available on this page.

Date Finalised Service Type Call Sign Program Name Outcome Reports
22/12/2006 Commercial Radio 2GB Ray Hadley Breach - Presentation of material in a misleading manner 1700 Mornings with Ray Hadley
20/12/2006 Community Radio 2GLA Easy Listening Breach - Complaints handling No Breach - News and Current Affairs programming 1753  Easy Listening
7/12/2006 Commercial Radio 3AW The Overnighters Breach - Tobacco advertising 1698 The Overnighters
6/12/2006 Community Radio 2OOO Bosnian Program Breach - Broadcast advertisements No Breach - Community interest; Service for profit 1711 Bosnian Program
16/11/2006 Commercial Radio 7XXX John Laws Breach - Accuracy; Complaints handlingNo Breach - Presentation of significant viewpoints; Comments on Greens Party policy 1527 The John Laws Morning Show
16/11/2006 Commercial Radio 2GB The Open-Line Show Breach - Vilification 1665 The Open-Line Show
15/11/2006 Community Radio 2HHH (Interview program) Breach - Did not incorporate prejudics policies; Broadcast material No Breach - Reporting on Indigenous peoples & issues; Broadcasting material 1584 Gav's Morning Show
11/10/2006 Commercial Radio 2GB Ray Hadley Breach - Accuracy 1668 Mornings
6/10/2006 ABC Radio 2RN The Science Show Breach - Accuracy; Balance; Complaint handling 1630 The Science Show
26/09/2006 Community Radio 2CBD Breach - Broadcast advertisements 1720 Golden Oldies
21/09/2006 Community Radio 2NUR Breach - Broadcast advertisements; Sponsorship announcements exceeded the limit No Breach - Service for profit; Provided service for community purposes 1612 Management
15/09/2006 Commercial Radio 3MMM Saturday Football Breach - Standards of decency 1717 Saturday Football
14/09/2006 Commercial Radio 2GB Malcolm T Elliot Breach - Vilification on the basis of race and nationality 1562 Your Sydney Weekend
12/09/2006 Community Radio 4RIM Breach - Volunteer guidelines; Conflict resolution policy 1704 Management
8/09/2006 Community Radio 2RBR Breach - Factual accuracy 1702 Breakfast/88.9FM News Service
24/08/2006 Community Radio 2GLF Breach - Sponsorship announcements exceeding five minutes per hour 1501 Radio Lehren
17/07/2006 Community Radio 2CCR Radio Mirchi Breach - Broadcast advertisements 1671 Radio Mirchi
15/06/2006 Community Radio 7THE Breach - Complaints handlingNo Breach - Factual accuracy; Stereotype, vilify or attempt to demean persons 1589 Serbian Program
17/05/2006 Community Radio 2RES Monika Geetmala Breach - Broadcast advertisement 1650 Monika Geetmala
13/04/2006 Community Radio 2BAC Breach - Broadcast advertisements No Breach - Sponsorship announcements exceeded the limit 1662 Advertisements
16/03/2006 Community Radio 3BBB Breach - Broadcast advertisements No Breach - Sponsorship announcement time limits 1640 Community Voices
16/02/2006 Commercial Radio 2DAY Lowies Hot 30 Breach - Standards of decency 1628 Lowie's Hot 30 Countdown
10/02/2006 Community Radio 6KCR Breach - Broadcast advertisements 1635 Advertisement
6/02/2006 Community Radio 4FRB Breach - Broadcast advertisements 1547 Advertisement
3/02/2006 Community Radio 2SWR Talash Breach - Broadcast advertisements 1627 Talaash
18/01/2006 Community Radio 3SFM Breach - Broadcast advertisements No Breach - Sponsorship announcements exceeded limit 1617 The Morning Show
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