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2005 radio investigations

The table below contains details of the ACMA's 2005 radio investigations and investigation reports. Details of radio investigations in other years are available on this page. Details of ACMA television investigations are available on this page.

Date Finalised Service Type Call Sign Program Name Outcome Reports
23/12/2005 Community Radio 2GLF Lehren Breach - Sponsorship announcements exceeding five minutes per hour No Breach - Broadcast advertisements 1583 Sponsorship
24/11/2005 Community Radio 2OOO Darpan Breach - Broadcast advertisements 1575 Darpan
15/11/2005 Community Radio 2PAR Breach - Broadcast advertisements; Sponsorship announcements exceeded limit 1600 Radio on Toast
14/11/2005 Community Radio 2GLA Breach - Broadcasting advertisements No Breach - Sponsorship announcements exceeded the limit 1561 John Laws Morning Show
14/11/2005 Community Radio 2WAY Breach - Retaining records 1566 News
7/11/2005 Community Radio 2BAC Breach - Conflict resolution 1585 Conflict resolution
19/09/2005 Commercial Radio 4MCY Dare to be Bare Breach - Complaint handling  No Breach - Program content 1587  Dare to be Bareadvertisement
30/08/2005 Commercial Radio 2UE John Laws Breach - Complaint handling 1488 John Laws Morning Show
30/08/2005 Community Radio 2BAC Breach - Sponsorship announcements exceeded the limit 1519 Radio Rim Jhim Ka Sangam and Radio Jhankaar
9/08/2005 Community Radio 6YCR Breach - No written policy and procedure for internal conflict resolutionNo Breach - Community participation 1528 Community Radio
4/08/2005 Community Radio 2GLF Breach - Broadcasting advertisements 1494 Radio Lehren
30/06/2005 Community Radio 2MCR Afternoon Program Breach - Conflict resolution No Breach - Programming guidelines 1516 Management
23/06/2005 Community Radio 2CCR Breach - Encourage participation No Breach - Community interest 1381 Participation
9/06/2005 Commercial Radio 5AA Bob Francis Breach - Racial vilification; Complaint handling 1395 Bob Francis Show
18/05/2005 Commercial Radio 3SUN Bench Warmers Breach - Failure to respond to complaint 1484 Benchwarmers
16/05/2005 Commercial Radio 3CAT Morning Program Breach - Failure to respond to complaint 1512 Complaint handling
16/05/2005 ABC Radio 4JJJ Morning Program Breach - Inappropriate and gratuitous language; Complaints handling 1514 Breakfast program
28/04/2005 Community Radio 2RES Breach - Sponsorship limits 1493 Voice of India
19/04/2005 Community Radio 2SER dhanak Breach - Broadcast advertisements; Complaint handling 1500 Dhanak
14/04/2005 Community Radio 2SWR Breach - Broadcast advertisements No Breach - Sponsorship announcements; Community participation; Conflict resolution 1461 Punjabi and Sri Lankan programs
1/03/2005 ABC Radio ABC AM Breach - Accuracy; Impartiality; Balance in news and current affairs 1362 AM (Broadcast between 21 March 2003 and 11 April 2003)
3/02/2005 Commercial Radio 1CBR APFACTS Breach – Political advertising during ‘blackout period’ 1468 Announcement
20/01/2005 Community Radio 6HCR Breakfast Show Breach - Broadcast advertisementsNo Breach - Tobacco advertisements 1436 Breakfast Show, Morning Show
19/01/2005 Commercial Radio 5SSA Hot 30 Complaint alleged that during a segment entitled 'Come Clean' the licensee broadcast conversations in which 'lurid confessions' were made, without advising participants that they were on air.
2/02/2004  Commercial Radio  3MEL  Double Dilemma  Breach – Decency  1270 Double Dilemma 
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