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Customer service obligations

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code includes a number of obligations to ensure that service providers maintain a good standard of service when dealing with customers.


When dealing with you, staff must be courteous and provide clear, accurate, and current information in a timely manner.

Service providers must promote a culture within their organisation where rudeness to consumers is not tolerated. Service providers must make staff aware that they will face disciplinary action for treating consumers rudely and they must ensure appropriate action is taken against any staff that are rude to consumers.

If I make an enquiry, what should I expect?

Service providers must ensure that your enquiry is dealt with in a timely and effective manner. Customer service staff must be trained appropriately so that they can assist you and resolve common customer queries.

Service providers must monitor call wait times for enquiries and seek to minimise them.

You should be informed about how you can make an enquiry and the hours of operation of each contact method available.


You may be asked for feedback on how you found your service provider’s customer service. This is an obligation on service providers aimed at helping them identify any emerging issues and take steps to make necessary improvements.

Where can I find out more about customer service standards?

Your service provider may have a customer service charter. This could include information about what you can expect when you make an enquiry, what you can expect when you make a complaint and the consequences if your provider fails to satisfy any its customer service commitments.

Who should I contact if I am not happy with the customer service I have received?

If you are not happy with the customer service you have received you should firstly try and discuss this with your service provider. If you do not feel that your concern has been addressed sufficiently you can make a formal complaint to your service provider or to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

Last updated: 19 May 2017