Radiofrequency interference complaints 2012-13 | ACMA

Radiofrequency interference complaints 2012-13

To give stakeholders and other citizens better insights into our investigations work, we present this statistical breakdown of the interference investigations work we have recently done and are currently doing. Where investigations are ongoing, or have not been published, the ACMA is generally unable to give detail of the entities and issues involved for individual matters or otherwise make comment. The following tables are prepared from information collected for each interference investigation activity according to standardised terminology and events.

Table 1: Domestic systems interference - number of affected services

Radiofrequency interference statistics Table 1

Note: One ACMA compliance activity may involve a complaint to the ACMA on behalf of a number of affected households in a neighbourhood or involve several types of broadcasting services.
Source: ACMA records of DSI complaints.

Table 2: Domestic systems interference - sources of interference

Radiofrequency interference statistics Table 2

Note: Tx is an abbreviation for transmit or transmitter. Rx is an abbreviation for receive or receiver.
Source: ACMA records of DSI complaints.

Table 3 Domestic systems interference complaints—interference cause and remedies

Radiofrequency interference statistics Table 3

Total number of DSI complaints: 415

Table 4: Domestic systems interference - interference remedies

Interference Stats Table 4 jpg

Total number interferenece remedies: 415

* The terms ‘intermodal/desense/image’ are used to explain the interference effects that occur when the technical performance of receiving equipment is compromised.
+ ‘Other’ includes cases where the interference cause is unknown (not identifiable) or there are several causes of interference.
++ The repair cost outweighs the cost of replacing the receiving equipment.
Note: QRM is a Q code for man-made interference.
Source: ACMA records of DSI complaints.

Table 5: Domestic systems interference - Compliance enforcement actions

Radiofrequency interference statistics Table 5

+ Section of Radiocommunications Act 1992: s197 - Causing interference etc.
++ Section of Radiocommunications Act 1992: s46 - Unlicensed operation.
* Section of Radiocommunications Act 1992: s197 - Causing interference etc.

Last updated: 28 October 2013