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2017–18 annual captioning compliance results: subscription television

The ACMA has received annual captioning compliance reports for the 2017–18 financial year from six subscription television licensees, for 527 subscription television services in total. The same channel being provided by different licensees is regarded as the provision of different services under the captioning legislation.

2017–18 compliance summary

Subscription television licensees must comply with the television captioning obligations under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the BSA).

All of the subscription television licensees met their captioning target requirements for 2017–18. According to the licensees’ reports, in 2017–18:

  • 67 per cent of subscription television services (354 out of 527) exceeded the captioning target.
  • Captioning services were provided on 370 subscription television services (or 91 distinct subscription television channels).
  • In total 2,094,452 hours of captioned content was broadcast on subscription television services.

The annual captioning targets for subscription television services vary by genre and category. The target for each category generally increases by five per cent each year, until the target reaches 100 per cent. For 2017–18, the captioning targets for subscription television services ranged from 20 per cent (of total broadcast time over the year) for music services to 90 per cent for Category A movie services.

View the levels of captioning provided on subscription television services in 2017–18, (Excel, 337KB) in order of service name.

2017–18 annual captioning compliance reports from subscription television licensees

Subscription television licensees 2017–18 annual compliance documents

Fetch TV Pty Ltd

Fetch TV CAP06 2017–18

Foxtel Cable Television Pty Limited

Foxtel CAP06 2017–18 

Optus Vision Media Pty Ltd

Optus Vision Media Pty Ltd CAP06 2017–18

Selectra Pty Limited (Austar)

Selectra CAP06 2017–18 

Sky Channel Pty Ltd

Sky Channel CAP06 2017–18  

Telstra Pay TV Pty Ltd

Telstra Pay TV CAP06 2017–18

Last updated: 19 December 2018