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2016–17 PCA report: customer cabling

The ACMA regulates the customer cabling industry under the Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2014 (CPRs) to ensure that minimum cabling requirements are in place to promote safety and maintain network integrity.

The ACMA made customer cabling a priority compliance area (PCA) in 2016–17 following recommendations made by stakeholders including cabling registrars, and in recognition of significant changes that have taken place in the customer cabling operating environment. For example, customer demand for cabling has evolved from basic telephone access to connection of numerous smart devices and internet access in homes and workplaces.

The primary objective of the PCA program was to obtain a compliance ‘snapshot’ of the industry while addressing any compliance issues encountered. The ACMA relied on multiple sources of information including input from cabling registrars, registered cablers (via an on-line survey) and physical site inspections conducted by ACMA inspectors.

The ACMA sought additional input from cabling registrars for this final report. Broadly speaking, industry supports the continuation and the expansion of the current regulatory arrangements with increased compliance activity. Cabling registrars noted that the ACMA does not regulate the quality of customer cabling installations or carrier cabling of any kind. However, cabling registrars also point out that poor quality customer cabling can also have an impact on the overall customer experience.

Industry members noted that the increasing use of contractors has presented compliance challenges. These submissions accorded with ACMA inspectors’ observations, including changes to how industry performs tasks with general electricians undertaking a significant part of customer cabling work—especially in single-story residential premises.

Industry members also expressed concern regarding potential safety issues arising from breaches of the Wiring Rules and the potential failure of related cabling. It is important to note that not all Wiring Rules issues present the same risk to end users. Even though segregation issues were encountered during ACMA inspections, none presented a clear and present safety risk.   

The results of the customer cabling PCA will also inform an upcoming review of customer cabling regulation.

Download the Priority compliance area 2016–17—Customer cabling final report (Word, 4.2 MB)

Last updated: 02 January 2018