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2015/16 annual captioning compliance results subscription television

Reporting on 2015–16 annual compliance (captioning) under section 130ZZC of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992—subscription television licensees

As part of the television captioning obligations under Part 9D of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the BSA), all subscription television broadcasting licensees and narrowcasting licensees (subscription television licensees) are required to submit an annual report to the ACMA on their compliance for each financial year. Under subsection 130ZZC(7) of the BSA, the ACMA is required to publish these annual compliance reports on its website.

The ACMA has received annual captioning compliance reports for the 2015–16 financial year from nine subscription television licensees for 655 subscription television services in total. The same channel being provided by different licensees is regarded as the provision of different services under the captioning legislation.

2015–16 compliance summary

Subscription television licensees achieved a high level of compliance with their captioning target requirements for 2015–16. According to the licensees’ reports, in 2015–16:

  • approximately 99.4 per cent of subscription television services (651 out of 655) met their annual captioning targets
  • approximately 65.3 per cent of subscription television services (428 out of 655) exceeded the captioning target
  • captioning services were provided on 449 subscription television services (or 94 distinct subscription television channels)
  • in total 2,619,798 hours of captioned content were broadcast on subscription television services—an increase of:  
    • 89,794 hours per year when compared to the same period in 2014–15
    • 539,246 hours per year when compared to 2013–14
    • 1,161,439 hours per year when compared to 2012–13.

The annual captioning targets for subscription television services vary by genre and category. The target for each category generally increases by five per cent each year, until the target reaches 100 per cent. For 2015–16, the captioning targets for subscription television services ranged from 10 per cent (of total broadcast time over the year) for music services to 80 per cent for Category A movie services.

View the levels of captioning provided on subscription television services in 2015–16 (in order of service name).

Breaches and steps taken to address breaches

Subscription television licensees’ annual reports indicate that the following four services did not meet the captioning targets for 2015–16:

  • Three services did not meet their captioning targets because of procedural and administrative errors. The subscription television licensees reported that they had improved their processes and procedures to prevent similar breaches from recurring.
  • Another service was four per cent under the 50 per cent captioning target for the service because of difficulties in sourcing enough caption files, due to the channel being launched later than anticipated. The subscription television licensee reported that its channel provider has invested in acquiring and creating additional caption files for the channel to ensure that the channel will meet the relevant 2016–17 captioning target. 

The ACMA has decided not to take enforcement action regarding these self-reported breaches, taking into account the nature and circumstances of the breaches and the steps taken by relevant subscription television licensees to prevent similar issues recurring. This is consistent with the ACMA’s compliance and enforcement approach—a graduated and strategic risk-based approach that generally uses the minimum power or intervention necessary to achieve the desired result.

2015–16 annual captioning compliance reports from subscription television licensees

Subscription television licensees

2015–16 Annual compliance documents

BeIN Sports Australia Pty Ltd

BeIN Sports CAP06 2015-16



Fetch TV Pty Ltd

Fetch TV CAP06 2015-16 

Letter Channel News Asia 2015-16

Channel News Asia 2015-16 - Steps taken

Letter Comedy Central 2015-16 




Foxtel Cable Television Pty Limited

Foxtel CAP06 2015-16



Fox Sports Venues Pty Limited

Fox Sports Venues CAP06 2015-16

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Attachment B

Attachment C



Optus Vision Media Pty Ltd

Optus Vision Media Pty Ltd CAP06 2015-16



Selectra Pty Limited (Austar)

Selectra CAP06 2015-16

Sky Channel Pty Ltd

Sky Channel CAP06 2015-16 

Telstra Mobile Foxtel Pty Ltd

Telstra Mobile CAP06 2015-16

Telstra Pay TV Pty Ltd

Telstra Pay TV CAP06 2015-16

Transact Broadcasting Pty Ltd /

iiNet Pty Ltd

Transact CAP06 2015-16



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